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Protecting Little Smiles With Crowns

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If a tooth is weakened because of trauma or decay, it needs extra support. That’s where crowns come in! These caps restore baby and adult teeth and protect them from further damage. Here’s what to know about dental crowns for kids:

Crowns Are Versatile

We use dental crowns for a handful of reasons. If a tooth has a large cavity, a crown works better than a filling. Trauma can also damage a tooth, like when a child gets hit in the mouth while playing a sport. We also place crowns after baby root canals. In most cases of damage, decay, or wear-and-tear, a crown can restore a tooth. If the crown is over a baby tooth, it comes out with the tooth when the permanent tooth erupts.

The Dental Crown Process Is Painless

The dental crown process often takes two appointments. At the first one, we prepare the tooth and get an impression, which is used to create a custom crown. At the second appointment, we’ll numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic. Your child won’t feel pain. If they’re still anxious, we also offer laughing gas and oral conscious sedation. Your child will remain awake, but feel completely relaxed. We’ll place the crown and check that it fits perfectly. Your child should take it easy while the local anesthetic (and any sedation) wears off. They may feel some sensitivity for the next few days.

Crowns Are Easy To Care For

When cared for, crowns can last for many years. The crown itself can’t decay, but the tooth beneath it can. A child should brush, floss, and visit the dentist for cleanings at least twice a year!

Pediatric Crowns at Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry in Pleasanton, TX

Dental crowns are a very common and effective treatment. They can be used on either baby or adult teeth, so they’re a great restorative option. If you have any questions about dental crowns or want to schedule an appointment at our kid-friendly office, please contact us today!

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