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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Kids?

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At Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry and Braces in Pleasanton, TX, we strive to help children develop a positive association with the dentist. With our office amenities and our team’s advanced training, we are uniquely equipped to care for your child’s oral healthcare needs. We offer sedation dentistry for children who need a little extra help feeling comfortable during their visit or for those undergoing complex procedures. Dental sedation can be particularly beneficial for children with dental anxiety or children with special needs.

During a child’s formative years, they are exposed to a variety of new sights, smells, and sounds wherever they go. A child can become overwhelmed, anxious, or afraid when confronted with the unfamiliar, the unknown, or the possibility of discomfort. Sedation dentistry administered by our trained professionals is a safe and effective way for children to feel calm and relaxed while getting the dental care they need.

Read on to learn how sedation dentistry can make the dentist’s office more enjoyable and less confusing for children!

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

At Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry and Braces, we offer several kinds of dental sedation, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. We closely monitor patients for their safety and comfort when they’re receiving any form of sedation.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a good option for children with mild to moderate anxiety or a highly sensitive gag reflex. Your child will inhale a sweet-smelling gas through a mask placed over their nose. Within a few minutes, they will feel relaxed and their limbs may even feel a bit heavy. The effects quickly wear off after the mask is removed.

Oral conscious sedation involves a prescription medication that your child takes before their appointment. This helps to calm any anxious thoughts and feelings before their dental treatment even begins. During their visit, they will feel calm and drowsy. They may fall asleep, though they can be easily woken up. Afterward, your child may have little to no memory of their treatment.

General anesthesia is the deepest form of sedation and is reserved for complex procedures. This is performed on an outpatient basis at a nearby hospital to ensure a completely smooth and safe experience for your child. Because it induces a sleep-like state, its effects take the longest to wear off and your child will be required to fast for several hours beforehand.

Will My Child Benefit From Dental Sedation?

We prioritize the safety, comfort, and oral health of our patients. If Dr. Hole, your Pleasanton children’s dentist, determines that your child would benefit from dental sedation, we will thoroughly explain the process and answer any questions you might have. Dr. Hole is specially trained to help ease a child’s anxieties and to safely administer the appropriate level of sedation for their needs, age, weight, and medical history.

Stress-Free Dental Care for Kids in Pleasanton, TX

Make Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry & Braces your child’s dental home. We have yummy refreshments, a fun play area, children’s books, toys, video games, and tablets. We also have a TV in each treatment room. To learn more about sedation dentistry or our other children’s dental services, please call our Pleasanton dental office at 830-542-4221 or utilize our online contact form.

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