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Receiving orthodontic care can make chewing easier, reduce your child’s risk of developing tooth decay, and boost their self-esteem due to how great their smile will look. If you’ve been searching for an orthodontist in Pleasanton that offers affordable braces and clear aligner therapy, please get in touch with our team at Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry & Braces. We offer our orthodontic services to adult patients as well, so whether you or your child needs braces, we have you covered!

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What kind of braces can my child get?

Our office offers three excellent orthodontic options that can work for any smile. Metal and ceramic braces are both adhered to the front of the teeth for the duration of treatment; ceramic braces are just a little less noticeable. Invisalign uses custom clear aligners that fit over the teeth to straighten teeth quickly and discreetly. Our team can help you determine the best option for your child during their orthodontic consultation.

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What is the orthodontic treatment process like?

During your child’s consultation, we will discuss their preferred type of braces, take impressions of their teeth, and offer an estimate for how long they will have to wear braces. The next step involves adhering the braces to the front of the teeth or receiving custom clear aligners at a follow-up appointment. Patients will have to visit our office periodically so we can track their progress and make sure everything looks good. Once they’re done with braces, we will create a custom retainer for them so their teeth stay perfectly in place.

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At what age can a child get braces?

Our office sees patients as young as seven years old for orthodontic consultations. It’s not very common to actually receive braces at seven, but once the adult teeth begin growing in, we can get a better idea of how long orthodontic treatment will take and the ideal age that a patient should begin wearing braces. While you can pursue orthodontic treatment at virtually any age after your adult teeth come in, the sooner that orthodontic treatment can be planned, the better, as our team will have more treatment options to work with.

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