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  • Children in pre-school and elementary grades are usually seen in the morning. Late afternoon appointments are reserved for middle and high school age patients.

Pediatric Orthodontics in Pleasanton, TX

Did you know that orthodontic consultations can be scheduled for children as young as seven years old? When orthodontic treatment is discussed early on, there are more treatment options available that can lead to shorter and more effective treatment times. Our office provides braces and clear aligners for adults as well, so if anyone in your household is interested in achieving a straighter smile, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Why choose Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry & Braces?

Not every dental practice offers orthodontic care, meaning families who want their children to get braces have to find a separate orthodontic practice to take them to. Our team at Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry & Braces can examine your child’s bite and the alignment of their teeth and make recommendations for when we believe they should get braces. Then, your child can continue to visit a practice that’s familiar to them and work with the same team that they are used to any time they need to get their braces tightened or try on new aligners.

smiling girl with braces

What orthodontic treatment options are available for my child?

From traditional braces to clear aligners, our team has you covered! Metal braces are cemented to the front of the teeth and work 24/7 to straighten smiles. Ceramic braces are a more discreet version of traditional braces, and Invisalign clear aligners are practically invisible on the teeth and completely removable. The option that your child goes with will depend on their unique wants and orthodontic needs.

Are braces expensive?

At Pleasanton Children’s Dentistry & Braces, we strive to help families find budget-friendly financing options so that they can focus more on their child’s treatment and less on cost. If you are concerned about finding affordable braces for your child that won’t break the bank, we recommend contacting our office, and our friendly team will be happy to help you with any financial questions or concerns that you may have. Many insurance plans offer coverage for orthodontic care, and our practice accepts FSAs and HSAs as well.

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